About Us
Mj Interior Design & Renovation (MJ) was formed with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces.

MJ provide a full gamut of services, ranging from floor plans, elevated sketches, finished, furnishings, color schemes and accessorizing, to subcontracting and meeting with builders and architects.

We develop a vision for each project through a carefully evolved process and assessing the clients’ needs and providing sample and visuals through a series of interactive meeting with our clients. Our passion for what we do is reflected by our relentless energy, service and advocacy for our clients. Our high level of communication with all those involved in our projects has proven to not only expedite the projects, but do so with minimal amount of errors.


Our capability is to design and decorative solutions for your living or working space. Our philosophy is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every time we provide these solutions. This is our passion and we are dedicated to achieving this result in every customer engagement. Delighting our customers is as much of a motivation and inspiration to us providing design excellence.

We are not interested in pushing the latest trend or fad just to make a statement about who we are. Rather, it’s about you. We are committed on creating an environment which is a reflection of the desires mood that you would like us to achieved.

Should you be ensuring of your specific requirements, we will embark on a process which will encourage confident decisions. The output of this process will then give us a solid platform to move forward with.

So many companies talk about customer service. MJ does not have a separate customer service philosophy. This is because customer service is our philosophy!
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